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Real-You-health-program-Ottawa-Dr.-Mahin-Tavakoli-Psychologist-&-Psychology-DirectorDr. Mahin Tavakoli is a fully registered Clinical Psychologist. She provides assessment, psychological diagnosis, and treatment to adult clients with a variety of psychological needs, including anxiety, depression, trauma, grief, personality disorders, parenting, interpersonal problems, workplace issues, adjustment to life changes, and coping with stress.

Dr. Tavakoli tailors assessment and psychotherapy to the personality, family history, personal goals, cultural background, and therapeutic needs of her clients. She has a particular expertise in provision of culturally sensitive practices.

Dr. Tavakoli completed her Ph.D. and Post Doctorate in psychology at Carleton University. She holds two M.A. degrees, one in Health Psychology and the other in Educational Psychology, and a B.A. degree in Clinical Psychology. Besides being a mental health practitioner, Dr. Tavakoli is a part-time professor, teaching graduate level courses in counseling at the University of Ottawa. In addition, as a prolific scholar and writer, she has published over 70 psychological and educational articles, books, and book supplements. She also provides clinical supervision to certified mental health professionals.

Dr. Tavakoli believes in the vital role of primary prevention in physical and mental health areas. As the psychology director of the Real You, she is pleased to provide the opportunities of psychological well being and personal growth to those working in high-stress jobs and careers.

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