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Dr. Sarah is a Naturopathic Doctor practicing in Ottawa, Ontario. She began her post-secondary studies as an aspiring musician at the University of Western Ontario, but after health challenges steered her away from the program, she returned to Western to complete a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Biochemistry. It was during this program that she discovered her passion for the sciences, and became fascinated by the ways in which every human being is genetically and physiologically unique.

Dr. Sarah believes that good nutrition is critical for optimal health, and is dedicated to helping her patients develop a personalized, gradual, and long-term nutrition plan that genuinely works for them. She places a big emphasis on education and prevention, as she also believes that when people are armed with the best information, it’s easier to make the changes that will help them to feel and be their very best.

Outside of the clinic, Sarah enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, music, group fitness at the gym, rock climbing, and reading on a wide variety of topics.

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