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How It Began

Soon after opening her multidisciplinary health clinic, Avicenna Health Centre in Toronto, Dr. Neda Amani realized that most of the illnesses for which patients were coming in to see her were preventable with proper nutrition and lifestyle changes. After quickly discovering the significant effect of an exercise prescription, Dr. Neda wondered if most prescription medications could be avoided if she could teach her patients how to become healthy.

She soon came across the main barriers all physicians face in helping their patients with lifestyle change – lack of sufficient education about nutrition and exercise as therapeutic tools and lack of financial funding provided by the current health care system for providing this education to patients.

Dr. Neda found herself with a wonderful challenge: to create a program to teach patients how to eat better and exercise effectively, within the current health care system and at minimal cost to patients.  It had to be accessible to the most at risk and needy patient populations. She began to devour information about the role of exercise and diet in disease prevention and soon developed the Real You Program, launched initially as a pilot at her Toronto clinic.

The Real You Program is exceptionally unique. The Program’s goal is to help patients prevent illness and improve their overall health, and treat various medical conditions, entirely or as an adjunct, to other routine medical treatment options. The Real You is proud to have been chosen to provide on-site, comprehensive wellness programming at the Ottawa Police Service. We have been working with the Ottawa Police Service since 2007, offering the Program in its full capacity to members since 2011.